Friday, February 24, 2012


aniwey pengen rasanya jadi orang yang 'syahdu-syahdu' tapi rasanya aneh banget. wuahh today is Jumat again? and back Miracle again, i duno why friday always miracle day? meybe i feel because jumat its day of victory? like Allah say. jumat its victory for moslem. ngahaha.. blogger i dont know what the next i posting in my blog? -___- we see ajalah.

wuaaaaaa you know? my teeth, oh my teeth.. -.- for ate using the incisor, arrrrgggghhh so sick! -_- i duno until when. god bless me. and prayers of you all, hopefully the weather is not extreme anymore europe. (not coonect)

i dnt hv any story, maybe i can tell you some recomended of book :D
-all item book, by Tere Liye
-N5M, R3W, by A. Fuadi
-miracle of enzyme, mukjizat mikroba, Hiromi Shinya (for you, if you like healty :p)
-99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa, by mbak Hanum Rais & her husband (im forgettoo what the name .____.)

and actualy, there are many book, but im not hv a spirit, and im lazy. *backsound* today i don't feel like doing anythin, i just wanna lay in my bed-

yup! you can see many a good book, hmm you can ask to pakde Google :)

are you stay in this post? i wanna tell you 'some' *backsound* never mind i'll find someone like you~ i wish nothing but the best for you~ yap! back to the topic. wanna tell you some movie/film, etc
-suckseed, thai
-i am sam, us
-3 idiots, india
-taree zamen par, india

finish, honestly some with book, yu can see many a good movie/film, etc. but i'm scare to recom to you. ngahaha~ (however 4 that recom movie, film, etc. very good film x)! num 1-4 honestly i shead tears :')
you can see best recom in here

woke, 11.37 pm time is indonesia timur. (beneran sumpah tersepona melihat jam, seperti yang kalian ketahui, ngga ada jam yang bener terpajang dirumah, giliran malam aja baru iseng liat jam di hp -____-

hoaaamm :o tomorrow is? sat? =.=

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