Saturday, February 18, 2012

little bro

waaa, good night blogger. aaaakk Jum'at Miracle again. thx my friends and family come on my life. ngahaha crazy girl. i just story about my litttle bro. he's very cute <3 he's ask to my mother. "mom, who is verry great if you fight with sist fini? you or sista fini?" my mom answer "yeah, sure mom is win" with a smile
"no. sista fini she's win, cause she's higher from mom"
"mom -____-, afini is my daughter, she's probaly not fight me"
what? lil bro, i laugher to hear. wahaha he's see a people great from the high?

waaaaa ngantuk-,- in makassar city time is 12.02 am good night, hv a nice dream blogger! and hv a nice day tomorrow. happy week end for those who celebrate :p

*i'm sorry bad en. before i say to youall i hv a bad en
Faqih =D

*ugly :pp

ohya. this is a picture faqih toys.. you know he's very love this ^^/v 

before he's not know toys story :pp

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