Monday, February 27, 2012

go A-HeAD


woaah. i just wake up, next i do duty :p and the neeeext i'd like to bicycle :D
a long journey #wuuufftt
this! some pict when i bcycle :DDD

star the adventure x)!

still in housing
i ventured bicycle to highway :o but not much, because i dnt hv 'spion' i'm scare, im afraid that there will be a 'serempet' so i decided to go back #muehehe

masih sepi sih
and there, i this i'v returned to the housing xD

aaaaanndd this is too sepi
I'm tired. singgah beli Aquaaaahh duyu. ngahaha~ my bicycle lying too.


and when in the housing i see a 'broncong' hahaha and the nexxxttt i buying that! :9

out in the schedule, i just 'menyapa' my friend, ehh but my friend are plying badminton :p
ngahaha I'm jb-jb :pp

olahraga season 2
next, i go back to my home 11.00 pm. .___. long time, the sun sudah naik! phuanaass! yeah very hot. eh before this i eat Bubur Manado! gotcha. yummy :9

ngahaha~ bad en I'm sorry. and this my adventure, today is AHAD! and a tiring day .__.
woooghh! tepar! :) see you in the next post :))

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